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Audiovisual Artist & Harpist

All Round Creative


Nina Doevendans is an autonomous artist and harpist who mainly focuses on making audiovisual installations, music and soundscapes.

Through her interest in digital creation, she transforms the perception of everyday images into a new fresh perception. Her installations contain meditative, mystical atmospheres that give you the feeling that you end up in another world.

The concept of space has an important role in her work. That is why music in the form of soundscapes strengthens the work enormously and therefore stimulates multiple senses. For this she works mainly with Pieter-Jan Buelens.

Her work is a counter reaction in a demanding and over-stimulated society.

She comes from the Netherlands and continued to live in Antwerp after her studies at Sint Lucas. During her studies she started as an intern at the creative multimedia studio Vertigo, where she has since risen to the position of art director.

Music & Art


Video Installatation | Manifesta 12 Collateral Events | Palermo


Video Stills | Exhibition | Antwerp

Words Of Amber 

Music Cover | Composed by Olafur Arnalds | Visuals by Nina Doevendans

The Armstrongs 

Music Cover | Composed by Justin Hurwitz

Amelie Poulain, Comptine d’un Autre Été

Music Cover | Composed by Yann Tiersen


Video Installation | Expo Ongezien | Bank Delen | Museummnacht Antwerpen


Video Installation | Presentation

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